Formal versus Informal Perceptions of Safety in Public Space


by Hanna Niklasz and Jhono Bennett


The initial goal of our partnership was to investigate informal and formal perceptions of ownership in public space. As a tandem, we were interested in how different user groups perceive public space and how these users “owned” the space. This interest stemmed from the contrasting differences in our backgrounds as we quickly realised that as two people from such different places our own perceptions were so different in our initial discussions. Continue reading

The Planning Juggernaut (Part 2)

Gropiusstadtby Natalia Garzón Arredondo and Nicolette Pingo

Citizen led governance initiatives’ dependency on informal networks in Gropiusstadt

In part 1 (here) we provided insight into our research question, which was to explore how informal network add to the success of the neighbourhood management system in Gropiusstadt, Berlin. We also shared some of the history of the area- a mammoth urban vision on the periphery of the city that has become a space for the elderly and socio-economically marginalised. Here we share some of our findings, thoughts and musings about the Planning Juggernaut.  Continue reading